We are here to improve and enlarge the Investment brokerage services market by using our comprehensive and different applications.

InvestAZ leads the market to gain new participants enlarging the market size. Also aiming to create a new level of investment opportunity to value the inactive savings for the goods of the country. The education service InvestAZ provides leads the participants to discover their own potentials in financial markets.

We believe to diversify the investors according their portfolio sizes. The idea behind, is the importance of participants enthusiasm about Investing in the market.

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We reshape the rules of the ınvestment market abroad because we know exactly every individual naturally has the potential to invest regarding their savings. Everyday we proceed our innovations for the goal to reach 7 Million investors in 10 years.


InvestAZ provides products like Borsa İstanbul Pay Piyasası transactions, Future Contracts, Option contracts, Forex-CFD-Commodities and Exchange Indicies under leveraged contracts and different investment funds.

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InvestAZ provides competitive spreads to decrease the cost of the investments and best trading conditions for its investors. InvestOR platform ensure the investors to control and manage all the investment products in one screen. You can carry your open positions and your deposit from another broker to InvestAZ in less than 5 minutes. Everyday in a week 24 hours including national holidays, InvestAZ let investors to transfer money from Banks to their Investment accounts automatically. In every aspect InvestAZ’s innovations is making trading alot easier and comfortable for investors.


Utmost technological infrastructure leads investors to get the best price, with no requotation and lowest spreads with the help of worldwide proven liquidity providers. With the minimum spread deviation and rejections InvestAZ’s wide product range is ready to serve you day and night.

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We invite you to meet InvestAZ’s investment world. You can follow the steps below to be an online investor with us.

  • You can fill the free demo account form on the side to open an unreal account and try the market without any risk.

  • You can apply to open a real account to enter the world of investment.

  • After depositing the initial investment you can easily start to trade.

Let us give you information about investment education and products: