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Your investments are regulated under supervision of the state regulatory authorities.

About InvestAZ

We aim at expanding brokerage market in the world and therefore provide all investors with opportunities to benefit from our new and diverse applications.

We make contributions to training of new participants in capital markets and thus aim to produce benefits for the region.

We discover your potential and help you achieve your ambitions with education and training provided at InvestAZ.

We do not classify investors according to the size of their investment portfolios. The key challenge for us is to raise people's enthusiasm for investment.

We believe that everyone from an ordinary citizen to a well-known person, from a ploughman to a lawyer, from the one with average earning to the rich, from the one who says 'I wonder if' to the one who says "anyway" has the right to invest from A to Z.

Expanding private investment market

Everyone as a part of nature has the right to invest. InvestAZ with its 10 years of experience and exclusive investment products has been working non-stop to achieve the goal of creating 700.000 investors. We strengthen your knowledge about investment with our training courses and editions.

Simple Investment with Robust Technology

We simplify the complex world of investment by providing an opportunity to manage investments with the most advanced technology of InvestOR through a single screen. Discover simplicity and innovation in investing.

Investment for everyone from A to Z

We provide different training programs from beginner to professional level to help you to manage your investments and offer the same service for everyone regardless of the amount invested.

Some of our awards

"Best Financial Trading Platform"

InvestOR Platform was awarded as the best Financial Trading Platform of the year at 6th Saudi Money Expo.

"Best Training Service"

InvestAZ received the “Best Training Service” award according to the votes of FX World Istanbul visitors.

''Service Quality'' award

Awarded at the International Quality Summit Convention in the United States of America.


Your investments are protected and regulated under the supervision of the state regulatory authorities. Regulations>

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