General Information

Invest AZ Limited regarding “Broker” and “Personal Management” activities will present Account Opening, Deposit and Withdrawal transactions. Any person signing both these agreements will become a Client of Invest AZ Limited. The Client receives Asset Management services from Invest AZ Limited and conducts the necessary payments using INVESTOR profile by the meansof current account which has been opened by Invest AZ Limited for its Clients. According to the terms of this agreement, the Client shall not only sign management Agreement, but also all his activities related to management are regulated within the Personal Management Agreement signed by him and Invest AZ Limited. Each Client obtains individual INVESTOR profile by signing both the “Broker” and “Personal Management” Agreements and all kinds of financial instructions are directly conducted by this profile via electronic display. Prior to signing this agreement, the Client should be familiar with the instruction of INVESTOR, services he can get here and technical terms and should accept these terms definitely.

Used in Investor;

"İNVESTOR" Profile: is an online profile opened by a Client independently via web site or on behalf of the Client when signing a Agreement. INVESTOR profile is unique for each Client and the Client must have only one INVESTOR profile. The Client will gain an access to use both existing and potential services and products offered by Invest AZ Limited.

Current Account: is an account opened for Clients on the relevant currency type under Invest AZ Limited in order to use current products and services and carry out investment transactions. Client deposits his money only into current account through bank transfer, card or cash payment and withdraw through bank transfer and cash payment. Money transfers into current account can be done with both by cash and electronic payment. Electronic transfer transactions are subject to the time and commission norms of localand foreign banks which execute transfers. The Client can collect information about these norms independently.

Sub-accounts: are current sub accounts opened separately for the Brokerage and asset management services under Invest AZ Limited which offer Clients to be able to use proposed services and cash flows associated with Brokerage and asset management services. There is no limit to the number of sub-accounts. The Client can open more than one sub-account on the same service offered by Invest AZ Limited. Funds are deposited into sub-accounts through current account and withdrawn from sub-accounts through current account only.


You should consider the following details in the operations with electronic INVESTOR profile opened within the Broker or Asset Management activities:

The provisions of legal documents and legal acts shall be applied to your INVESTOR profile and your investment operations in the trading platform.

Client is fully responsible for the validity and accuracy of his personal information, and not to be subject to fraud or crime. In the case of any doubt to the accuracy, validity and crime of the information presented by the Client, Invest AZ Limited shall stop to present “INVESTOR” services or reject to provide existing “INVESTOR” service without notifying the Client in advance. Invest AZ Limited organizes internal recording of the Client information based on the data presented on the “INVESTOR” account of the Client. Invest AZ Limited shall refer to the Client data on internal accounting records if any change has been made on the Client data by the Client himself and not informed Invest AZ Limited or not recorded on the INVESTOR profile.

The Client realizes and accepts that “INVESTOR” profile is an electronic portfolio of services created for Clients to be able to use offered services by Invest AZ Limited in a convenient and efficient way and like any other electronic operational systems, the Client is ensured from specific risks that may arise due to interruption in electric power, technical problems in internet network in a local and international level, the Client’s computer and otherequipments that do not meet the relevant technical requirements and any other defectthat may occur in these equipments.

Invest AZ Limited retains the right to change the types of the sub accounts presented,the composition of these accounts according to the requirements of legislation, as well aspersonal needs. The rights and obligations arising from the Client’s sub-accounts whichwere open before, but can be stopped and the tasks on these accounts were abolished tothe moment of suspension of the relevant service shall be applied to the Client’s Currentaccount.

Invest AZ Limited is not responsible for the risks that cannot intervene directly to theoperations involving electronic money transfers to the Client’s Current account, as wellas withdrawal transactions from the Client’s Current Account on “INVESTOR” profile to hispersonal bank and other electronic accounts.

Invest AZ shall attempt to solve false information resulting from technical defects anddisorders that may arise on the Client’s “INVESTOR” account, Current or Trade accounts. Newtask orders by the Client regarding “INVESTOR” profile cannot be accepted for execution orcan be accepted later, in the case of any technical and prophylactic measures which can beimplemented by Invest AZ Limited. Invest AZ Limited is not responsible for the damageson the Client’s Current account arising from these issues.

Risk notification aims to inform investors about existing risks and may not cover all the risksabout “INVESTOR” profile. So, before opening “INVESTOR” profile, you should consider the risksarising from the relevant electronic services. 


As a result of your orders in the Securities Market, like your profit opportunity, loss risks couldoccur. Therefore, before making trading decisions, you should realize the risks that you can facein these markets, consider your financial position and opportunities.

For this reason, it is important to understand the risks of participation in the Securities Market andread carefully information in the form of the following “Risk Notification” within the framework oflegislation requirements on the Securities and Financial Market.

Risk Notification

In addition to those mentioned in the Agreement to be signed between you and Invest AZ Limited, you should need to pay attention to the following as well.

The requirements of the relevant Securities Law shall be applied to the account opened within the Broker and all types of transactions in this account.

The result of tasks ordered in the Securities Market faces certain risks. In particular, when you give an order in marginal trade, as you can lose all your money funds as a result of aprice change in financial instruments, and your loss can overcome the investment amount due to the features of investment instruments.

You should take into consideration that in marginal trade leverage provides an opportunity to invest in a high amount with small investment, as well as may increase your loss risks considerably.

You should take into account that advice and information of Broker companies regarding your orders in the financial markets may be in complete or in need of approval.

You should consider that any type of analysis made by authorized personnel of Broker companies may differ, and the existing possibility of these analyses in the real market conditions may not be realized or come true.

In addition to the above risks, one should consider that there is a currency risk based onthe orders in foreign currency, additional losses due to exchange rate changes, hardening of exchange rate regime in the country of origin and arising additional obligations due tothat, as well as not realization of your orders with the given price.

Before the order, you should get information about the commission and expenses which will be applied by the company to your obligations regarding your operations. If these commission and expenses are not expressed in money form, then you should get a sample written statement describing how these expenses shall be applied to your obligations. 

Risk notification on Securities Market aims to inform investors about existing risks and may not cover all the risks regarding the trade of investment instruments. So, you should make an accurate research on the relevant investment before making orders about securities and financial instruments.  


In addition to the above mentioned Brokerage agreement signed between me andInvest AZ Limited;

  1. I accept the possibility to accept orders on securities and financial instruments which have not been registered by the relevant regulatory authority.

  2. I accept the possibility not to research on the current legal and financial position of companies who issued financial instruments, with the exception of instructions of controlling authorities.

  3. I accept the possibility of temporary or the full suspension of sale-purchase transactions on financial instruments not corresponding the requirements of relevant legislation.

  4. I accept the application of legislative requirements from the beginning of the moment at which financial instrument is available for trading on of the Trading platform or in other possible means provided by the Broker.

  5. I accept the fact that the regulatory body is not the opposite side on financial instrument presented on the Trading platform, and also the specified regulatory body does not bearany responsibility for possible losses.

I declare to trade in the healthy mood, having completely read Risk Statement on the Trading Platform and instructions on the use of Trading Platform and I declare to sign this statementat my own will.


I accept to carry out my operations on the basis of the legislation in the financial markets;

Via bank or electron transfer to the relevant bank account/from the account of Invest AZ Limited prescribed by the legislation.

By mutual settlements in cash in the actual address of Invest AZ Limited


Commission for trade operations: Invest AZ Limited does not apply commission for executionof marginal trade operations on the Client Account.

Withdrawal expense: All the expenses regarding withdrawal of funds from Invest AZ Limitedaccount are attributed to the Client.

Spread charge: Detailed information regarding the spread charges on financial instruments canbe found on the website 

Swap charge: Detailed information regarding the swap charges on financial instruments can befound on the website

Article 1


Invest AZ Limited (Further called Broker) Level 1, 11 Alma street, Auckland, 1023 New Zealand and ________________

(Further Client)

Personal data: Provided in the Consumer Agreement Form.

On the basis of legislative requirements in the financial markets, the Client has to fill in the ClientSurvey in order to obtain the maximum information on risk and profit opportunities, investmentpurposes and financial position. The Client is obliged to inform the Broker about the changes oramendments arising in this information periodically. Otherwise, the Broker will refer to availableinformation on the Client Survey when carrying out operations on behalf of the Client. The Clientaccepts the overall responsibility for possible consequences at the case of refusal of providingpersonal information. The Client is obliged to make a written explanation, in the case of refusal togrant personal information about himself. The Client declares that, he has read and understoodinformation provided above and signs this Agreement at his own will.

The Client officially recognizes and declares that, all the information provided to Broker is truthful, exact and reliable and to compensate the possible losses suffered by the Broker in case of realityis not provided and to declare that the money deposited is not earned by a criminal way and does not aim at money-laundering.