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Our Asset Management Service offers various investment solutions to its customers. Let us know your investment objectives and our qualified experts and talented investment managers will help you to achieve your goals.

We offer you a proper investment program that fits your risk and return expectations.

Your investments are managed by our professional asset managers within a portfolio designed to meet your risk appetite.

You can achieve financial stability by simplifying and facilitating your financial approach.

You can gain profit from a number of different types of assets by investing in one fund.

Investing is Easy

İnvestAZ Asset Management Division works with clients, from individual investors to large financial institutions, to develop advanced portfolio management strategies to help them achieve specific goals for their own or their institution's financial future.

You can achieve sustainable growth of your capital evaluating your investment capacity.

Protect your investments against inflation and keep their value safe.

You can monitor the performance of your investments with special daily reports prepared for you.

Get a lifelong investment account.


Our Investment Strategies

Select one of the investment strategies fitting your risk/reward profile and entrust the management 

of your portfolio to our professional asset managers.

Actively Managed FX Portfolio

High Risk-Return Portfolio

Medium Risk-Return Portfolio

Low Risk-Return Portfolio

A novelty in world of investment.

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To perform a proper analysis of price fluctuations in FOREX market requires high professionalism and relevant experience. InvestAZ with 15 years of experience manages your investments based on dollar-denominated strategies. InvestAZ offers its clients Actively Managed FX Portfolio service which is quite renowned in many countries in the world

Actively Managed FX portfolio service is designed for high-risk tolerance long and medium-term investors with expected target return of 10% above the average 

annual deposit rates. The service is an investment model which implies margin 

trading operations and helps to evaluate your investments more efficiently by minimizing 

the risk of FOREX trading operations due to the low leverage.


High-Yield Investments with proper combination of tools.

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Our professional asset management team assigns investment portfolios according to risk-reward choices of investors. InvestAZ saves your time on investing and ensures steady growth of your return.

High risk-return portfolio is a choice of investors aiming at high risks and target return of 5-10% above the average annual deposit rate. For short-term investors with high risk and return expectations it is an ideal offer to evaluate investments with proper investment tools within High Risk-Return Portfolio.

Achieve your goals with professional portfolio management.

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We focus on customer satisfaction and offer professional portfolio management service which allows to analyze and meet the needs of private and corporate investors. 

Medium Risk-Return Portfolio is designed for investors with return expectations of 5% above the annual deposit rate. The portfolio is diversified with investment tools based on the medium risk group and performs in a medium term. This well-made investment solution evaluates your investments in various investment tools and helps to achieve your return targets.


Evaluate your investments with low-risk products.

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The first step in portfolio management is to determine risk portfolio.

The portfolio management allows to carry out operations according to your risk preferences and makes your investment objectives achievable. We make investments due to your risk tolerance and serve you to acquit steady return.

The portfolio is designed for investors whose main priority is minimum return with capital preservation. Low Risk-Return Portfolio mainly comprises government and private sector securities which are considered to be low-risk products. If you prefer a long-term investment and want to diversify your risks among different investment tools then you are on the right path.