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Everyone has the right to invest

InvestAZ takes the financial world one step closer.

About InvestAZ

We believe that everyone has the right to invest, but many people doubt the impact of economic factors on people's lives and the country's overall economy.

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Everyone has the right to invest. InvestAZ did not stop developing 700,000 customers within 10 years while creating unique products. We use effective courses and procedures to help you consolidate your investment knowledge.

World popular technology

We use the advanced investment platform InvestOR with single-screen investment management to make the investment process simple. Let you try to innovate the platform while feeling the simplicity of investment.

Investment  from А to Z

Regardless of the amount of investment, we will provide you with the same trading conditions and learning procedures, from beginners to professional trading. Everyone has the right to invest.

Our awards

We are proud of the quality of service with many prestigious awards.



  • 在没有个人资金损失的风险的情况下,填写表格,免费开设模拟账户练习交易。

  • 如果您此刻已经准备好投资,可以开设交易账户

  • 您就可以在交易账户入金之后,马上开始交易。