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Cooperative agent

Become an agent of InvestAZ and you will get more and a wider range of investment tools!

Advantages of InvestAZ agents

Advanced technology and support from market leaders

You will gain competitive spreads, products, advanced technology and an undisputed reputation. Be the best in the industry and make the best market judgment. Meet the requirements of all your customers with our technology and terms.

CRM and financial decision making markets

In response to customer requests, you can get InvestAZ's decision support and development advice. You can also make your own requirements for spreads, margins and execution types.

More foreign exchange liquidity providers

In the foreign exchange market, customers often encounter slippage, unable to execute orders according to quotations, gaps and so on. InvestAZ has solved these problems structurally.

Development strategy and customer service

Obtained support from regulatory companies with years of experience in the financial markets. You only need to focus on developing customers, we solve all technical and service problems.

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IB - Agent

IB/Agent - is the best opportunity for all traders, analysts, programmers, entrepreneurs and business representatives to develop their careers. Introducing or attracting customers with a willingness to trade in InvestAZ to open an account, you can get your agent commission in the customer's transaction. Whether it is an individual or a company, it can be a successful agent.

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Our main goal - your business is successful! A large amount of liquidity and developed infrastructure make us a leading broker. Let us further reach new heights!

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