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VIP treatment

VIP treatment

We value your trust and provide you with better services to make your transactions more comfortable. When the total balance of your trading account reaches 50,000 US dollars (or other currencies in the same amount), you will automatically receive VIP customer * services with more favorable trading conditions and priority.

Vip условия форекс

The advantages of VIP

Personal account manager

Personal account managers answer your questions 24/7

Independent VIP channel

Your question can be solved through VIP fast track

Free of charge for recharge and withdrawal

You will be compensated for handling fees incurred in recharge and withdrawal

Free study

All paid study courses, consultations, analysis and reviews are free

24% APR
free funds **

Based on available funds that have not been withdrawn from the trading account for the entire month, the accrued interest is liquidated on the last day of each month.


You can apply for an advance payment of no more than $ 10,000 and a time limit of no more than 5 days. The decision of the prepayment amount is passed by the finance department, and it shall not exceed 30% of the customer ’s deposit, and the personal manager shall reply within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

Personal investment package

Our account manager will prepare a personal investment package for you so that you can understand all our advantages.

Overnight discount

Provide you with more favorable trading conditions. Order overnight interest reduced to 20%

Increase Cashback (Rebates)

Free VPS-server

Unlimited number of trading orders

* VIP client status allocation / cancellation is carried out during the daily monitoring process. If there is insufficient balance for 60 consecutive days (2 months), the VIP customer's identity will be revoked. The customer has the right to refuse to obtain VIP identity. InvestAZ reserves the right to deprive individuals of their VIP status without further explanation.

** The condition for calculating interest is to maintain the minimum trading activity level of the account within the calculation month. The number of lots completed in the month of settlement shall not be less than half of the amount of funds calculated at the beginning of the month. For example: 25 lots-50,000 dollars, 50 lots-100,000 dollars, and so on (divide 5 by 10 dollars, 50,000 dollars, this rule is calculated separately). If a customer with VIP status has multiple trading accounts, the calculation and accumulation of accumulated interest will be performed separately for each account.

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