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Participate in the White Label partnership and you will have the opportunity to provide high quality services to your customers with your own brand.

Advantages of the INVESTAZ White Label Partner Program

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The ideal technology platform and mature cooperation mode

Take advantage of the knowledge and strengths of a multicultural, world-leading mainstream broker. You can provide all of InvestAZ's services to your customers, saving you time and effort so you can focus on developing new customers while maintaining good relationships with your old customers.

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Customize and optimize our cooperation with us

Due to technological innovations in the global economy, individual or institutional clients are using different methods to conduct transactions. By joining us, you don't need to build them into a standardized model that most brokers insist on and use. You can create different solutions for different customers. 


Technology brings profits

  • The profitability of a business depends on the broker you choose. InvestAZ helps you understand the best direction. The innovative InvestMAN will help analyze customer flows and effectively manage customers.

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Carefully package your office

Whether you are already a white label partner for another company, InvestWL can provide the optimal solution for your business. You only need to focus on marketing and sales.


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Join InvestAZ's White Label Partner Program

The Invest White Label program provides partners with an opportunity to create their own business with the lowest cost and strong infrastructure and modern technology. Fully digital financial solutions and trading platforms help partners manage their operational strategies.

If you are a company or a large financial institution, you can work with InvestWL to provide solutions for the different needs of your customers in every aspect. Increase your brand value with minimal cost and extensive international marketing experience.

A complete technical solution will meet the needs of you and your customers. The InvestWL team will analyze your customer base and business model and customize the most effective solution for you.

WL - White Label

If you want to develop your own brand with your own brand, please join our white label partnership program and all financial companies have the opportunity to join this partnership.

 Rich product network and additional services

 Customize your own development plan

 Consulting and organization assistance

 Provide training and development programs for you and your employees

Ready to be a partner?

Our main goal - your business is successful! A large amount of liquidity and developed infrastructure make us a leading broker. Let us further reach new heights!

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