Commissions and Fees

All offered services are secured by regulatory mechanisms and international standards.

Commissions and Fees

Commission for trade operations: Invest AZ Limited does not apply commission for execution of marginal trade operations on the Client Account.

Withdrawal expense: All the expenses regarding withdrawal of funds from Invest AZ Limited account are attributed to the Client.

The Client bears responsibility to pay commission agreed by the parties to the Broker for appropriate volume of purchase and sale transactions in financial markets. 

The Broker may change the commissions charged on the Client in accordance with the existing legislation at his personal discretion. In this case the Client holds the right to terminate the Agreement. The Broker notifies the Client about this change and if the official objection is not made within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt regarding this notification, during this time if the next order has been made then the change is considered legally valid. 

The Client is responsible for payment of all type taxes and other liabilities levied in or outside of the country when trading with financial instruments in or outside the country. 

On the basis of the Customer Agreement, all types of payments and service fees arising from the execution of Client’s trade orders by Broker and other third parties shall be paid by the Client. Client is obliged to pay all types of payments and charges for services provided by the Broker or other third party on execution of trade orders. The Broker has the right to apply these charges to Client’s account or freeze the funds directly on the Client’s account.