Corporate Finance

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Our Corporate Finance services are well-designed for companies seeking high quality financial services.

What is Corporate Finance?

InvestAZ provides full spectrum of corporate finance services, such as debt and equity financing, valuation and financial modelling, as well as different capital structure solutions.

Financial Modelling and Valuation

We incorporate the latest techniques in valuation and financial analysis to assess risk factors and other financial challenges in capital markets to advise on taking necessary measures while planning investment projects, as well as providing you with a proper analysis of your company, the sector you operate in and your country of residence.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Our team helps companies make informed decisions on building up effective infrastructure and provide the clients with the most up-to-date analysis on achieving their corporate strategy and accomplishing investment projects successfully.

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We work together

We are always ready to provide the most proper valuation and help corporations and individuals to identify and execute transactions.

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Access to the largest investor base

Due to our distinguished client base we offer your company to both domestic and foreign investors, locate buyers or sellers, conduct negotiations on terms and pricing and execute transactions successfully.

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We know what you need

We determine your financial needs and come up with proper solutions such as IPO, public offer or bond issue.

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Excellent result

We integrate our powerful infrastructure, extensive experience and long-term relationships to execute your transactions with high quality.

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Secondary market solutions

Due to our wide client base we provide you with the best deals at the secondary market.

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Extensive research

Take advantage of extensive research and proper valuation reports prepared by our analysts and experience continuous growth in your business.