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Our top priority is the needs of our customers. We created the advanced InvestOR platform 

on the basis of our high-tech innovations.

Düşük Spread Düşük Maliyet

Low Spreads
Minimal costs

Hızlı Teknoloji Slipajsız İşlem

Swift technology
Slippage free trading

Birden çok FOREX Alt Hesabı

More Than 1 FOREX
Sub accounts

7x24 Otomatik Para Transferi

Swift money transfers

Tüm Yatırımlarınız için Tek InvesOR Yeterli

For all your investments
One InvestOR profile is enough

Why trade forex with InvestAZ?

Our approach to concepts of investment and investor is inspired by nature and the universe. We certainly understand what the chaos is and believe that the roads to success are unlimited.

We are positioning each investor as a conductor of an investment orchestra where each instrument has different sounds which are combined in a harmony.

We treat our customers, employees and investment nature from this point of view,and use the combination of design and art as a key to the door which leads to prosperity.

InvestAZ with its 10 years of experience and exclusive investment products has been working non-stop to achieve the goal of creating 700.000 investors.

We simplify the complex world of investment by providing an opportunity to manage investments with the most advanced technology of InvestOR through a single screen. Discover simplicity and innovation in investing.

The Most Competitive SPREADs

Due to the small difference between the bid and the ask price we provide an opportunity to reduce your costs and benefit from trading in Financial markets in a cost-effective way.

  • Trade EUR/USD with as low as 0.6 pip spread.

  • Everyone can trade on the same low spreads regardless of the amount invested.

  • Dynamic spreads allow you to trade with the costs below average in volatile market.

  • Trade with more than 100 financial tools on FOREX at lower costs.


otomatik para transfer

Forex Alt Hesap

InvestOR Friendly Platform

The first and only investment platform InvestOR helps to save your time while tracking your investments.

  • For the first time ever: Control your trade and funds from a single screen.

  • Make 7/24 deposit/withdrawal operations easily with InvestOR.

  • Experience the comfort of getting to your investment account through InvestOR mobile application everywhere anytime.

  • You can open multiple accounts on various investment tools, test different strategies and evaluate your trading success.

  • “Support” service enables you to get answers to your questions instantly.


InvestAZ MT4 Trading Platform

Use InvestAZ MT4 platform to easily join the international financial markets and estimate your assets trading on a wide range of investment tools.

  • For the first time ever:

  • Direct shortcut to MetaTrader4 from InvestOR Friendly Platform;

  • Ability to change your Meta Trader 4 password through InvestOR;

  • You can transfer money from MetaTrader4 to your “Wallet”.

  • Download MT4 platform and start trading FOREX easily!


otomatik para transfer

Best InvestOR Trader Contest

Trade, Learn and Earn with Real Market experience... 
InvestAZ presents all new automated Best InvestOR Forex contest at your ease. We brought the real trading experience together with the social network advantages. You will learn by trading, communicating with others and enjoy the process from the start till the end by winning the various prize
    • Quick and easy registration 
    • InvestCafe; Follow other participants and communicate with them
    • Monitor Statistics; Perfectly calculated statistics 
    • What is your InvestScore? Discover the InvestScore of the best investors.
    • Analyze past contests; Access the past Best InvestOR contest records wih the single click

Some of our awards

"Best Financial Trading Platform"

InvestOR Platform was awarded as the best Financial Trading Platform of the year at 6th Saudi Money Expo.

"Best Training Service"

InvestAZ received the “Best Training Service” award according to the votes of FX World Istanbul visitors.

''Service Quality'' award

Awarded at the International Quality Summit Convention in the United States of America.