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FOREX Prize Contest
122nd Trader's Contest

Detailed information about the Contest
96th Trader's Contest
Contest 96th Trader's Contest
Leverage 1:100
Initial deposit $ 3000
Start 22-02-2016 04:00:00
Finish 19-03-2016 22:00:00
Contest rules Detailed
Current Contest Statistics
26 197
28 998
255.3 %
Number and volume of operations per month
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Active currencies:
EURUSD Euro vs United States dollar
Trading trend:
BUY 100%
By Country
Azerbaijan: 92%
Pakistan: 2%
Indonesia: 2%
Russian Federation: 1%

Current Contest Participants

Azad Qurbanov InvestScore: 2.40
1489 %
$ 47 696.99
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1. We congratulate you on a well-deserved victory in the 94th Best InvestOR contest. As a winner could you please share your feelings with us?

- I wish everybody could participate in this contest and become a winner just like me. Any victory brings joy and happiness, but the main thing is not to give up in this struggle.

2. Could you please tell us about yourself?

- I was born in Sumgait. I am 32 years old. I got secondary education in the Private Turkish Lyceum in Sumgait, in 2000. In 2004 I entered bachelor and studied Banking at the Caucasus University. I got my master degree on Banking in the Marmara University in 2010. Since 2011 and up today I’ve been studying at the doctorate department on the Economic Development and International Economy faculty at the Ataturk University. Up to that time, I have been working various job positions as in Turkey so in Azerbaijan. However, my key working experience is Risk Management and Risk Assessment.

3. How did you start working in the FOREX market, what interested you in this market?

- I have learnt about Forex when I studied at the Marmara University. I studied Capital and Money Markets lessons there. Afterwards, I joined Forex courses in the Tele Trade company in Stambul. When I finished the course I opened a real Forex account and managed it by my own.

4. We know that you are not the first time participating in the contest. What was your best result in this contest?

- My previous results in the contests were less successful. I opened a demo account, but didn’t have enough time to manage it, I could even open a trading position and forget about it, as a result I faced serious losses.

5. Could you please tell me about your trade strategies?

- My main trading strategy is to make analysis of price changes at the financial markets of Europe, Asia and America. Basically I traded on EUR/USD currency pair and tried to learn currency forecasts from various sources every day. I also opened or closed trading positions right after publication of important financial news which could affect prices.

6. What are the methods of analysis do you use and on what principles you rely during the trading?

- I mostly used Fundamental and Technical analysis. At the same time before opening a position I learnt all currency forecasts from various sources. I also tried to open or close trading positions right after publication of important financial news and estimating the current market situation.

7. Have you ever thought that trading is not for you after failing several times?

- As I told before I didn’t have enough time to trade, that’s why I showed bad results in previous contests. However, it wasn’t a reason to stop my trading activity. You’d better make proper analysis of price changes and market situation. The last one is more important, because sometimes upcoming forecasts do not deliver the expected results. For example, the FED’s last forecast implied sharp decrease of a dollar, however it didn’t happen, USD lost its value to other currencies and started rising again. USD – is the currency of the strongest country in the world. It stays the most reliable investment tool in uncertain market conditions.

8. Can assume that you will be the winner?

- I joined the 96th contest to become a winner. That was my goal. At the beginning of the contest I made good profit by reaching 20 000 USD. I was on the 4th place but made a mistake and lost about 3 000 USD. However I didn’t lose my faith and kept believing in success. At the end of the contest I made many successful operations and took the 1st place.

9. Are you satisfied with the results showed at the contest?

- Yes, of course. If I had enough time I could get better results. Thus, I consider this result satisfactory.

10. What can you advice to new traders?

- New traders should carefully read and study news and make proper analysis. They can use as local so foreign sources of information to improve the way of thinking. It is also important to be aware of market situation.

11. What new features would you like to see in the contest?

- It would be great to increase the money award and provide other awards just for a change.

12. In conclusion what would you like to say to participants and organizers of the contest?

- I wish good luck to the future contest participants and I’d like to thank the staff of InvestAZ company.
1033 %
$ 34 018.22
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Malik Elibeyov InvestScore: 3.40
437 %
$ 16 139.62
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