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FOREX Prize Contest
123rd Trader's Contest

Detailed information about the Contest
FOREX Prize Contest
124th Trader's Contest

Detailed information about the Contest
111st Trader's Contest
Contest 111st Trader's Contest
Leverage 1:100
Initial deposit $ 3000
Start 13-11-2017 04:00:00
Finish 09-12-2017 00:00:00
Contest rules Detailed
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Active currencies:
EURUSD Euro vs United States dollar
Trading trend:
BUY 54%
SELL 46%
By Country
Azerbaijan: 94%
Indonesia: 2%
India: 1%
Malaysia: 1%

Current Contest Participants

1037 %
$ 34 117.49
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Alim Ceferov InvestScore: 4.50
614 %
$ 21 437.66
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1. We congratulate you on the well-deserved 2nd place in the 101st Best InvestOR contest. As a winner could you please share your feelings with us?

- Thank you for your congratulations, it was a pleasure to get results.

2. Could you please tell us about yourself?

- I am 30 years old, with a secondary education, working in the field of security.

3. How did you start working in the FOREX market, what interested you in this market?

- For the first time I saw an advertisement about Forex on the internet and began to be interested in it.

4. It is known that you are not the first time participating in the contest Best InvestOR. What are the maximum results you could achieve in previous contests?

- Yes, I’ve participated several times, but did not achieve any memorable results, once I took the third place in the contest organized by another company.

5. Please tell us about your trading strategy. What methods of analysis do you use and on what principles of trade do you base trading operations on?

- I try to conduct a fundamental and technical analysis parallel, but since I am not a professional, I conduct very simple and primitive analyzes.

6. Have you ever thought that trading is not for you after failing several times?

- This sphere is interesting for me, so I did not think so.

7. Can assume that you will be the winner?

- Like all...

8. Are you satisfied with the results showed at the contest?

- Naturally, the first place would be better, but the second place is also not bad.

9. What can you advice to new traders?

- I'm not at that level of professionalism in this field to give advice, but as in all spheres to be in patience is a benefit.

10. What new features would you like to see in the contest?

- In my opinion, if we do not see the open operations of other participants, it will be much better, also some changes in the rules of remuneration would be better.

11. In conclusion what would you like to say to participants and organizers of the contest?

- I wish good luck to the participants of the contest and to you.

Imran Mughal InvestScore: 3.70
373 %
$ 14 194.17
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