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FOREX Prize Contest
137th Trader's Contest

Detailed information about the Contest
FOREX Prize Contest
138th Trader's Contest

Detailed information about the Contest

How Best InvestOR Trader Contest works

Participation rules of the Best InvestOR FOREX contest - the meeting place of the best traders in the world.

Three easy steps to participate in the Contest
Create username and password to participate in the Contest.

Register your Best InvestOR profile
Fill in the registration form and create a username profile.

Choose the contest you want to participate
Once your registration is successfully completed, choose one of the active contests on the CONTESTS page and start to trade.

Get ready for the start of the Contest
Read the information about the contest which will be sent to your email within 3 days before the start of the contest.

How the InvestScore is calculated?

Now you can use the InvestScore which is calculated on the basis of the results shown by the participants during the contest, to calculate your own score and communicate with the best participants. The highest Investscore is 10, the lowest is 0.

Each participant registered at the Best InvestOR FOREX Contest apart from10 points gets additional 5 points. If the participant takes the 1st place +0.50, the 2nd place +0.25 and the 3d place +0.10 points are added to the Investscore.

In case if the points of the participants ranked 4-10 places remain unchanged the Investscore of the participants ranked the 11th and the following places is reduced by 0.10 points.

Password details and the end date of the contest

There are 2 logins and passwords to use in the Best InvestOR 1. The login and password required for the registration in the Best InvestOR FOREX Contest are used to enter user profile. Here you can join other contests, make changes in your profile and view all the contests you participated in.

2. Login and the password required to perform trading operations in the contest will be mailed to the contest participants 3 days before the start of the contest. Use login and the password to enter the MT4 trading platform and carry out active operations. Please note, you get the different MT4 logins and passwords for each contest.

At the end of the contest the system automatically closes the remaining transactions and profit/losses are added to your balance. On the basis of the last balance information results are ranged from the highest to the lowest and calculated InvestScore is displayed on the participants' profiles.

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