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FOREX Prize Contest
137th Trader's Contest

Detailed information about the Contest
FOREX Prize Contest
138th Trader's Contest

Detailed information about the Contest

Trade, Learn and Earn with Real Market experience

Best İnvestOR - FOREX Contest

Discover the latest technology and access from all your devices

InvestAZ presents all new automated Best InvestOR Forex contest at your ease. We brought the real trading experience together with the social network advantages. You will learn by trading, communicating with others and enjoy the process from the start till the end by winning the various prizes.

Quick and easy registration

Fast and easy registration in the contest
Please fill in the registration form with the required information (Name, Surname, Date of Birth and Phone number). You may also use the social network accounts to register your Best InvestOR account.

Best InvestOR is a social network.
You will be able to create your own profile, post on your wall, follow the other successful traders, communicate with them as well as comment on their posts. This will allow you to improve your investing strategy as well as the knowedge of the field.
Send a message

Follow other participants and communicate with them
You can follow other Best InvestOR participants and send them instant messages. Best traders may help you to improve your trading strategy and point out the mistakes.
Monitor Statistics

Perfectly calculated statistics
One of the important features of new Best InvestOR is the live calculation of the statistics. The figures like the total trading volume or the most traded symbol will help you to tailor your strategy to the maximum profit.
What is your InvestScore?

Discover the InvestScore of the best investors.
InvestScore is calculated from all points of the trader earned at the contest and will help you to know who the best investor is. This score can either be the goal to be the best or the totem of your success. Follow the secrets behind the success by following, sharing and commenting on other best investors' walls.
Analyze past contests

Access the past Best InvestOR contest records wih the single click
The winners of the past contests, interviews, the most traded symbols and other statistics. Detailed analysis of the successful investors' trading strategy is now available to you.
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