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          Hedge Your Portfolio with Futures.

          Futures can be used either to hedge (to reduce risk) on price movements of the underlying asset.

          Futures contracts is a contract between two parties 

          to buy and sell underlying asset at a pre-determined price at the end of the term;

          Due to high liquidity you can buy or sell futures contracts with the purpose to gain profit or hedge your investments;

          Futures contracts can be traded on organized derivatives markets;

          • Due to the leverage you can perform trading activity with the lowest margin requirements.

          Determine your costs in advance.

          You can use futures to buy and sell currencies, commodities and other investment tools at a predetermined price, with payment at the future delivery date.

          It helps set the cost from the very beginning of the term;

          A perfect financial solution to hedge your investments against market risks;

          Protect the sale price of the product and hedge your investment activity;

          Futures contracts allow you to get profit on price decreases as well.

          Discover the Advantages of Futures with InvestAZ

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          High speed transfer of orders

          Due to strong technological support and high speed transfer of orders you can raise your profit margins considerably.

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          Online execution of transactions

          Carry out trading operations through exclusive online trading platforms.

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          InvestOR makes managing accounts easy

          You can easily deposit or withdraw funds to your account and track your investments.

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          Contact our experienced traders and get support in regards to your transactions.

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