Initial Public Offering

Initial Public Offering (IPO) at InvestAZ

You can attract  the interests of investors, expand business and marketing opportunities and 

elevate your company’s image with our IPO service. 

What is IPO?

Initial Public Offering is the process by which a private company sells stock shares to the general public first time. Initial Public Offering is an exciting time for a company as it means it has become successful enough to require much more capital to continue to grow.

Reaching potential investors

When a company initially offers shares of stocks to the public, it is called IPO, while the second placement of shares by the company is called public offer.

Methods for selling stocks

Investors are provided with 3 methods of selling shares during the IPO process. These are fixed pricing method, book-building method and pricing without non-accumulated demand.

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Prestige and public image are very important

Increase exposure, prestige and public image with sound financial position in global standards.

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Go public

Make your company public means to reach broader range of investors and keep your growth continuous.

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Endless Liquidity

Your company's stocks will be listed on stock exchange and enable enough liquidity, which some investors are looking for.

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Look for perfect

Helps you to build better management system and professional employees.