Low Risk Investments with Notes

Looking for fixed income investments with low-risk? Invest in Notes.

          Short-term investment with high liquidity.

          You can make short-term investment (up to 12 months) in Notes issued by the Government.

          Notes are government debt securities;

          These securities can be issued by Central bank and other corporations;

          You can make investment decisions easily due to high liquidity;

          You can diversify your investment portfolio with NOTEs.

          Allocate your risks with fixed income securities.

          You can get fixed profit from from your investments as at the end of a certain period and on a regular basis.

          You can gain profit from price changes on notes before the expiration date;

          NOTEs are extremely liquid and considered to have no risk of default;

          You can diversify your investment portfolio with notes depending on your risk tolerance;

          You may cash out the gained profit before the expiry date.

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