Private Equity

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What is Private Equity?

Private Equity refers to a type of asset class aimed at investing directly into private companies or potential projects.

Private Equity Transfer

In general, it might look like merger and acquisitions,  but private equity transfers are managed due to speed and the charter rules of the fund.

Private Equity funds

Private Equity funds are usually composed of pension funds, insurance companies, funds, private partnerships.

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Working Capital

Provides working capital to your company to nurture expansion, new product development, or restructuring of the company’s operations, management or ownership.

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Investing in Funds

You can diversify your portfolio, get access to the top performing funds, which were almost unreachable before, and expand to emerging markets.

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Financial intermediation

This method might be useful for the companies to reach investors who might be interested in share purchase, without the right to vote.

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Venture Capital

If your company is in the early stage, yet has high potential and a target of rapid growth, then you can meet your initial capital needs with venture capital.

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Choose your own strategy

This will help them to concentrate on more familiar businesses, so that the supervision to be simple.

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Growth Capital

Due to private equity fund you can take over a rival company.