Real Estate advisory

Realize your dreams.

If you want to get high profit and make the right property decisions then get to know the Real Estate Advisor service 

at InvestAZ and benefit from an independent real estate valuation. 

The purpose of the service

To determine the real value of property by means of qualitative and quick service using the most recent technology advances.

Private project

Real Estate Advisory Service is designed to deliver insight into a property’s fundamentals which is based on project assessment, land analysis, as well as sector researches and reports.

Comprehensive Advisory service

Our consultants share a commitment to delivering the highest level of service and the best experience possible receiving the most up-to-date market data for the sale of assets or leasing portfolios.

Contact us right now

No need for continuous discussions or boring meetings. Contact us right now to benefit from the most sophisticated advice on the current and projected value of real estate-related investments.

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The Advantages of our approach

From business owners and investors to lenders and corporate groups, we offer you the experience, and strategic planning that helps lead to better real estate decisions.

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Unique opportunities

Based on our extensive experience we can help you identify and implement your investment opportunities.

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How will you get through?

We have developed exceptional appraisal system to offer real estate to potential buyers and provide an access to the biggest number of the corporate investors in the region.

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Independent evaluation

Benefit from a comprehensive and independent evaluation service and protect your investments.

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Get an access to potential investors

We provide a perfect atmosphere for buyers and sellers and determine the value a property or portfolio for sellers who are entering a transaction.

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We work together

We are ready to support you till the end of every transaction.