Risk Management

Your risks are manageable

Take advantage of RISK Management service offered by InvestAZ and strengthen position against credit, market and operational risks.

Avoid currency risk

Many financial institutions in the world fail or end up with bankruptcy because of improper risk management system.

Turning risk into result

Currency risks have adverse effects on profitability of the company and thus may lead to the negative numbers in the final annual reports. Any attempts on elimination of the currency risk bring additional profit.

World’s first: Zero Currency Risk

A brand new product Risk Manager is designed with extensive experience of InvestAZ and provides tailored solutions to effectively manage currency risks from 1.000 USD up to one hundred million USD.

Contact us right now

No need for continuous discussions or boring meetings. Contact us right now to start trading operations.

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Superior Technology of InvestAZ

InvestAZ offers its corporate clients the special infrastructure which is well designed to provide immediate reaction against instant price changes and decrease risks.

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Risk value and Scenario-based testing

We help clients improve their ability to effectively manage financial risks resulting from changes in market volatility, ongoing operations and corporate actions.

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Cash Flow Analysis

Risk management system is as simple as one click, due to the private consulting on cash flow analysis.

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Stress test

Stress testing measures your ability to respond to any market events or economic crisis.