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The foreign exchange market is the "place" where currencies are traded. The forex trading in the spot market always has been the largest market. Contracts can be either bought or sold according to the change of the value of an underlying country's currency pairs.

Forex is an investment tool for clients  to benefit from the changes in the market whenever and wherever they want. It is open for 5/24. Consider FX markets like an exchange office that provides a  leverage for you. You can open a position in the market 100 times of your initial deposit. 100+ products to invest.

Currencies are important to most people around the world, whether they realize it or not, because currencies need to be exchanged in order to conduct foreign trade and business.The need to exchange currencies is the primary reason why the forex market is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world. It dwarfs other markets in size, even the stock market. Differentiating than other financial products FX market is an OTC ( Over the Counter) market which does not have a centralised system.

Because of the different regions in the world, FX markets are always awake. You can track your position and execute it during the midnight. Tokyo, Sydney, London, Frankfurt and New York are the primary bases for OTC FX market. With the help of the leverage small investors have the capacity to deal big amounts in the market.

5x24 Open Market

Without time limitation like exchanges you can trade during days and nights.

1:100 Leverage

Decide the volume of your deal with help of leverage whether your initial deposit is small or not.

Profitable Bidirectional
Decide whether the contract is up or down and make investment. Buy or sell at any level.


Currency pairs, commodities, Indices are all leveraged under the CFD umbrella ( Contract for differences):. You can leverage more than a 100  the products provided to you by InvestAZ. The contract price is streaming and updated in milliseconds. EUR/USD parity has tho most volume in Forex world. Followed by G7 currencies and  precious metals.

Also the commodities like Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper, Cotton, Palladium, Platinum, sugar and indices like DOW JONES(USA), SP500 (USA) NIKKEI (Japan), DAX (Germany) are easy to trade in forex market by CFD structure.



It reaches to 5.5 trillionin US dollars volume that is traded in a daily routine which was 1.9 trillion dollars in 1998. Biggest and the fastest growing financial market in the world.

The executions are made electronically by various brokers and banks accrros the globe mostly in USA and Germany. %70 of the transactions are denominated by USD.


Central Banks

Central banks have the main purpose in money markets to stabilise or speculate by using their money market tools in their own currencies. They are empowered to stabilise the dependant currency by controlling the supply and open monetary actions on the markets.

Central Banks play the main role in FX markets  because of the actions they are empowered to do to control or speculate their currencies. Their actions can be piled up in expansionary and contractionary monetary policies.  By increasing the supply and lowering the interest rates they can boost up the lending and investing capabilities of the markets to heat up the economy or by decreasing the supply and increasing the rates can result as a valuable currency that can ease economical activity and led to carry trade.

Easing and tightening eventually refers to inflation and deflation. Central Banks in many ways try to control and shape the economical activities and currency values with the help of monetary tools.

Banks and Market Makers

Market Makers are the flow producers which the contributors can buy and sell from them or for them. Quotations are standardised internationally and  money market participants (Banks other market makers)  are dealing with each other to balance the system like combined vessels.

Importing and Exporting entities.

Entities that have export and import values have to deal with more than one currency because they are not operating in one country. They are not producing and selling the items within the same currency so there always be a risk in the treasury side apart from the profits of operations. The use FX markets to hedge and manage their currency risks to fix their operational incomes and stabilise their businesses.

Investment Funds

Funds that are speculating the market and trying to create profits from the differences in the markets of currencies are also participants of the market itself. They are trying to calculate the future prices of currencies and opening positions on behalf of their clients to make profits.

Individual investors.

Individual investors also have the right to trade in FOrex markets with the help of proffesional financial institutions and brokers. They can make profits like funds  by trading on the spot prices of the currencies. The individual side also has an advantage of leveraging their positions with the help of the prime brokers that they are using to lend them.


We invite you into the investment world of InvestAZ. You can follow the steps below to be an online investor with us.

  • Fill the demo account form to open an account and trade  risk free positions.

  • You can apply to open a real account entering the world of investment.

  • After depositing the initial investment you can easily start to trade.